Animal-assisted therapy

Animal-assisted therapy is available, depending on the needs of the client.  Both therapeutic dogs and cats are potential companions for your counseling journey at Anomaly Counseling Center. Contact us to meet one of our furry friends today. Animal-assisted therapy is an innovative addition to counseling that caters to the unique needs of the client in conjunction with animal interactions. Read below to learn more about each of them and their warm personalities.

Blaze (Miniature North American Shepherd):

I was born in Lynchburg, Virginia on March 1, 2007. I arrived at my forever home in May of the same year. My forever home was filled with people who loved teenagers and cats. Therefore, I quickly learned to love and get along with a variety of people and cats. Through the years I have enjoyed one to three-mile jogs with my handler. In fact, I have run the Greensboro Gobbler Dog Jog every year since 2007. I have been a registered therapy dog with Pet Partners since June of 2017, and have visited several university campuses and schools. My personality is very laid back, and I truly love belly rubs. I do not mean to brag, but people quickly find relief for their cares when they feel the softness of my coat. Come and tell me your cares, fears, and dreams. I promise I will tell no one.

– We mournfully must inform you that in March of 2022, Blaze passed away at the age of fifteen. He was a wonderful therapy dog and a deeply beloved member of the family. We are so thankful for the years we had with him, how greatly he assisted this business, and how much love and peace he was able to spread wherever he went.

Hoka (Maine Coon):

Born May 1, 2016, in Henderson, North Carolina, I consider myself just a nice, easy going, country girl. I have a very thick, fluffy, and soft coat. Those in the running community know my name comes from a shoe company with similar attributes. One of the first things people say about me is they have never seen a cat so “chill” and relaxed. If you come and talk to me about life, family, and other challenges, I will have no problem being on your lap or by your side.

Kentaro (Maine Coon):

Like my sister, Hoka, I too come from Henderson, North Carolina. I was born on May 8, 2017, and love my home with all the other cats and dogs. As suggested by the meaning of my Japanese name, I am a very big boy. However, my large size depicts the amount of love and empathy I am ready to give. Being very adventurous, I am excited to meet new people. When we meet, it would not take long for you to discover how much I love cheek rubs. I truly believe we can learn a lot from each other.

Shiya (Siberian Husky):

My beautiful gray and white coat may fool you, but I am not a wolf. I am a beautiful big girl with arctic blue eyes who was born in King, North Carolina on December 30, 2013. It has been said that I have never met a stranger, and that would be the truth. I enjoy long walks or runs. Clients that bring families or desire to have some movement during sessions would really enjoy me. I am a living example of behavior modification through the use of positive reinforcement. Come and teach me a new trick using my yummy treats to see the technique in action.

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