For Teens:

From counseling to athletic training to academic tutoring, and from movement therapy to music therapy to animal-assisted therapy, all teens can find something to fit their needs at Anomaly Counseling Center.  We have an extensive history with teenagers and their families spanning at least twenty years of experience.  Cutting, popping, bullying, self-esteem, suicide and many other teen issues are the forefront of our training and passion for our private practice.  We would love to begin a positive relationship with you today.

For Couples and families:

We have the unique ability to offer couples, marital, and family counseling with not only one, but two licensed counselor associates together to listen to every member involved.  Everyone may feel they have a voice and are represented when a male and female counselor are in the session.  Animal-assisted therapy is available in couples and family sessions as well.  Individual sessions are also available.

For individuals:

We possess not only the academic training but also the practical application and real-world experience of a variety of topics, ranging from suicidal thoughts to domestic violence and from anxiety and depression to sexual assault.  If we do not feel like a good match for your needs, we may have resources to offer you as free referrals for your particular concerns.  Your well-being is our primary focus.  Animal-assisted therapy with cats and dogs may add to your counseling experience as an individual.